Chibuike Uzoma
exhibition catalog
Published on the occasion of Chibuike Uzoma's solo exhibition “Twelve Tickets” at Galerie Mitterrand, Paris, from January to March 2024.

Edited by Barbara Newman and Constança Costa Santos
Texts by Chibuike Uzoma, Barbara Newman and Carlos Valladares
Bilingual edition (English / French)
Published by Galerie Mitterrand
16 x 23 cm (softcover)
104 pages (ill.)
ISBN 9782955954867

collective novel

Doses is a collective novel conceived as a “cadavre exquis”, self-published by a group of students of the Paris 8 master's degree in literary creation.

Texts by Céline Bagault, Norah Benarrosh Orsoni, Lina Benayada, Louise Bentkowski, Léa Cuenin, Elise Haye, Leo Le Diouron, Aodhan Madden, Lika, Steve Mégé, Hugo Minchella, Justin Morin, Alba Pagán, Zia Perthuisot, Damien Peynaud, Joey Sardin, Claire Saucet, Jared Solvent.
French edition
12 x 19 cm (softcover)
81 pages
ISBN 9782958750602

ronan lecreurer

Ronan Lecreurer is a Paris-based French artist. His work focuses on mathematical structures seen through the prism of various fields such as architecture, biology or aeronautics. 
Among other things, he has created flying sculptures and recently collaborated with the brand Element on a collection of modular clothes including a performable jacket.

educational kit

Kamilala is an educational kit containing everything you need to discover kamishibai ("paper theatre" in Japanese) and create artistic and multilingual activities with children.

The kamishibai is a Japanese storytelling technique, a kind of travelling theatre, originally used by street storytellers to tell stories to children by sliding illustrated boards into a wooden castelet: the butai.

16 kamishibai boards illustrated by Junko Nakamura
Photographs by Cha Gonzalez and Victor Andre

The project was initiated by Dulala and designed in partnership with Les Tables des Matières. Kamilala received the support of Ville de Paris, Fondation Carasso, Fondation de France and Fondation du Crédit Mutuel.

exhibition catalog

Published on the occasion of Mimosa Echard's solo exhibition “Sporal” at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, from April to September 2022.

This book includes a visual contribution by Mimosa Echard, a rich iconography with views of her solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, an essay by Pip Wallis and an interview between Mimosa Echard and Daria de Beauvais, curator of the exhibition.

Edited by Daria de Beauvais and Frédéric Grossi
Texts by Pip Wallis, Mimosa Echard, Daria de Beauvais
Bilingual edition (English / French)
21 x 30,5 cm (softcover)
112 pages (ill.)
ISBN 9782378963200

visual identity

Transcend is a multi-brand marketplace for digital fashion.
We designed the logo and a large panel of images as well as the preliminary project for their website.

multilingual activity box

Fabulala is a kit for educators working with children aged 3 to 10. It can be used to set up a wide range of artistic and multilingual activities based on the discovery of a story in different languages.

The case contains various objects to tell stories and create multilingual games (a stage to unfold, coloured backgrounds, a bell, a smell box, a touch box, a taste box, sensory cards, calligraphy combs to play with lines, etc). It also includes an educational booklet with activities, theoretical contributions and teaching ideas.

A project conceived by Dulala and Les Tables des Matières.
Photographs by Cha Gonzalez and Victor Andre.

perform europe
visual identity

Perform Europe is a EU-funded project which aims to rethink cross-border performing arts presentation in a more inclusive and sustainable way. The ultimate goal of Perform Europe is to design a future support scheme for cross-border touring and digital distributionof the performing arts in Creative Europe countries.

Perform Europe is co-initiated by a consortium of 6 organisations: IETM, European Festivals Association, Circo Strada, European Dancehouse Network, IDEA consult and Pearle Live Performance Europe.

in corpore
exhibition catalog

Published on the occasion of Anne Rochat's solo exhibition “In Corpore” at the MCBA, Lausanne, from December 2020 to May 2021, for the Manor Vaud Culture Prize 2020.

This book is the first monograph of the artist unfolding a panorama of her work from the last ten years.

Edited by Nicole Schweizer
Published by MCBA Lausanne and Art&Fiction publications
Texts by Olivier Kaeser and Jean Rochat
Bilingual edition (English / French)
15 × 22,5 cm (softcover)
144 pages (95 ill.)
ISBN 9782889640010
exhibition booklet

Booklet published on the occasion of Michel Blazy and Mimosa Echard's duo show “LUCA, Last Universal Common Ancestor” at the Dortmunder Kunstverein, from March to May 2019.

Published by Dortmunder Kunstverein
Text by Oriane Durand
Bilingual edition (English / German)
14,7 × 21 cm (softcover)
32 pages (24 ill.)